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Peculiarities of individual table tennis lessons

When individual training in table tennis coach maximally focused on the game of his ward, his attention is always turned only on the player. In the first stage, the coach identifies the weaknesses and strengths of the player, then a training plan is developed. The second stage is a lot of exercises aimed at practicing technique and tactics. Coach can return the ball on the table for a long time. That is, in each exercise the player always makes a fairly large number of strokes. As a result, technique, footwork, general coordination of movements and a specific "feel for the ball" improves.

For whom might this be relevant?

An athlete can be:
1) a complete beginner who has decided to learn basic table tennis skills;
2) A player who hasn't practiced in years and needs to regain their skills;
3) an athlete who wants to progress in order to improve their performance;
4) a player who wants to correct his/her technique and work out tactical schemes in the game;
5) an advanced player who needs a sparring partner to compete at a higher level;
6) there is no age limit!

What does an individual table tennis lesson include?

The duration of a training session usually ranges from 1 to 2 hours and includes:
1. exercises focusing on technique of the game;
2. serving and receiving;
3. work on movement technique (footwork);
4. tactical and strategic assignments.

Personal table tennis coach

If a table tennis player wants to improve their game, it is best to do it one-on-one with a coach.
A personal table tennis coach is undoubtedly the best and fastest way to learn the game and improve your skills.

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